TECHMARK L. Ogłoza, S. Zdziechowski sp. j.


Sports equipment in public facilities needs to be well-organized. Techmark produces wonderful metal lockers which make it possible for trainers and students to quickly find the right accessories. It's very easy to store items in them because they have a wide selection of shelves, hooks and other useful elements. The company provided all sports lockers with a cam lock to ensure that the stored equipment can be safe and available only for designated people. Such storage spaces will be useful in places like: public gyms, school gyms, trainers' rooms, sports centres. The firm has remained in business since 1990. It's an experienced and reliable company that focuses on the client's satisfaction only. It produces high-quality lockers that meet even the most strict safety requirements. It uses a modern machine park which is constantly developed and upgraded. The client can choose from a wide selection of products. The company offers hundreds of types of metal furniture and it can prepare new prototypes.

Company name: TECHMARK L. Ogłoza, S. Zdziechowski sp. j.
Company address: Piotrkowska 10
Zip Code: 95-070
City : Aleksandrów Łódzki
Phone : +48 42 712 17 95

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