Widgets are not just good-looking buttons that add variety to the look of the company’s website. It turns out that they can even be used to increase sales. This idea came from 100shoppers.com, which created Where-To-Buy – an analytical tool in the form of a widget that displays available online stores with the products the customer is looking for.

One of the features of this solution is the ability to create stock data analysis. Through the widget, the manufacturer can obtain data on the stock level in individual online stores, as well as on the purchasing preferences of individual products. On this basis, it is possible to optimize the campaign budget, taking into account the sales channels. Data and statistics are presented in transparent reports, which greatly facilitates taking strategic actions.

Company name: 100 SHOPPERS
Company address: Królowej Jadwigi 43
Zip Code: 61-871
City : Poznań
Phone :
WWW: https://100shoppers.com/

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